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Setting the bots Prefix

Wanna change the bot’s prefix from a! to something else? Well, there are two options for that!

First Option:

  • Do a!help and you will get a list of every command.
  • You should see the command a!personalize once you run that command you should get an embed and in the embed, you will see a!personalize prefix <newPrefix>
  • Example: Say you want to set your prefix to b! so you’d do a!personalize prefix b! and you set your prefix to b!

Second Option:

  • On our site, you can log in wit discord which allows us to get a list of all your servers you moderate.
  • To login click the button in the top right that says “Login”
  • Once logged in you will be brought to a page in which you can edit your profile and also edit a server.
  • Now scroll down and click the server you want (servers will be shown by server icons)
  • Once you click the server you will be able to change 2 things, the prefix, and daily channel.

If you ever forget the prefix you can @astronomy and a message will pop up showing you what your prefix is